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that....that was hilarious

so...is it terminal

roflroflrofl...this work here is amazing. the graphics are phenomanal and the take on the original is pure comedy....i cant wait till the next one comes out


im not sure about his death

and though his work was not always the best....he was a legend....like Bedn...just not as creepy....

and even though...he was constantly attacked with ahte mail and abusive reviews....he loved us all


DAIRYDOG responds:

He never sent any hate of any kind, only love.

yes...pie does rule

another great addition to IMP...but one question

where in the world have you guys been...you used to make tons of movies...and then kinda stopped...other than that....great job

RogerregoRRoger responds:

basicly i had a horrible year where people didn't leave me alone in real life.
Besides, most of the movies i made are not approperiate for newgrounds i think, cause htey're sort n stuff.
Go to rogerregorroger.deviantart.com for the movies you haven't seen on newgrounds

HOLY FUCK youve done it again....................

youve made me question your sanity once more with your twitedly dark films.......yet at the same time, humerous, enticing, original, strange, and a pure delight to watch.

Im glad yuouve stayed for the main part a "unique card" and werent followed by a flood of copy-cats. The skill, creativity and imagination you put into your films are almost a class of its own.

congrats David, youve shown us the depth a movie can go into

that was hilarious

best part was the cop...and then everything went threw him...made me burst out laughing.
good job and keep it up

p.s. make the screen bigger...easier to see

utterly amazing, words are near worthless

this has been a great week for multi-author flashes. The animation in this was nothinlgess that pure excellance. The skill portrayed in here was top-notch. I wasnt ecpecting a flash like tis for i hadt seen it posted on the bbs, need to pay more attention. Im glad we can have movies like this added to the portal archives rather than the other bullshit that has a annoyance of getting through.

Xionico responds:

thanks a lot for ur words, i hope the other collab makers make flash with high quality

this is going into my favorites

I love allof your workand through them it is easy to tell that you have great talent, Rush 2++ is another fine example, The energ and excitement in this movie is enough to get you on the edge of your seat. The many characters you have created all crunched into one movie really adds individualoty to it while the music flowed quite nicely with the theme of the movie. Might i ask though....Will you be making a series out of any of your movies, or just coninue to make "shorts" like this one?

O-Ovinnie responds:

maybe I'll do a movie sometime, that depends of how long this CCC phenomena comes up


i knew it was only a matter of time til this happened.......Lillium and all its parodies have a place in my heatt.....and yours has just been added....thanks alot for giving me the desired laugh i have been waiting for

Minion 777

Starberry responds:

Buy some NG stickers too, K?

ha...i love lillium..

and parodies like this is what makes me even happier......furry lillium...your good....im adding this to somthing...too bad you ruined it with trippy and ....weed clock(he was ok....couldnt understand him)....keep up good pardies like this

Sir-CannabisClock responds:

thanks, I got lazy and just ended it lol

Out of all the sabre fights ive seen,.......

that one ...has got to be the best.......and ive seen alot.....you guys put alot of thought and time into this one and you should both be proud of that.Good job and keep up the good work.

And I will walk 500 miles, and i will walk 500 more,Adolf Builds a bonfire, Rico plays with it. Remember to eat your cherry pie with Joe in the back of your Geo Metro.

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