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A very touching movie on a majot topic of today.

The way you portrayed your characters and their art was very appealing to me.
With an excellent mix of style and creativity, you were able to have your opinion on this matter heard, and in great numbers.

I also found your ending to be rather ironic, with the "angry" artist having his hands removed by a gloden structure of his own creation.
But im sure you intended that. ;)

Keep up the excellent work, ill be looking for more.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:


Very nicely done Steve.

Nice to know you decided to submit it to NG.

A nice fast pace with wewll drawn graphics with some familiar faces.
A little sloppy at some parts, but as you said, you did it in 9 days.
Hope you keep making movies Steve.


Steven-M responds:

Sloppy... just my style. Thanks for the votes.

Happy Milano Day!

Happy Fucking Milano Day to you all!

Somthing about this movie....

Just made me laugh.

Quite the interesting flash.

I hate Ebaums....

And here we have a good flash that depeicts them as they truly are.

Theiving kniving bastards.

Thank you good sir for informing the masses.

God damn it F00D, everything you do makes me laugh

awesome animation as usual, but this movie has quotes that can be used so well. My personal favorit "Time to have those BBS faggots suck my cock for 12 pages"

I burst out in laughter on that one.

he opening scene was quite classic as well.

Excellent job....

f0d responds:


Wade Day....how random.


Out of all the Wade movies so far...this one compelled me to reveiw it. Most likely for the fitting music.

Pretty strange, yet funny. Congrats.

Dual-Glock responds:

Sir, I Thank you for your support.

Have an awsome wade day! lol

All Heil The Space Marines.

Excellent....excellent portrayal of Warhammer 40K, hope to see it turned into a series.

This is front page material right here. Great drawings and flow of the movie. And nice understanding of the characters.

Keep it up man.

Wow, overall excellance.

Amazing portrayal of politics and animals.
Animation was just top-notch and sync was on the bat.

Good work.
Keep it up, you have talent.

I love you.

It was only a matter of time till someone did this.....

im glad it was you.

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