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that made the whole movie worth it....

i hope to see more works of the random and strange from you

Very nice Steven..

your work looks nice here........

i like the additions, and the randomness still gave me a giggle..
Hope you make some more..

I must admit, you have talent.......

In the course of this day.....many a movie were submitted....many made it, and yet....many will fade away

Sept the few that will truly shine....

This is one of those movies that truly shine.

All were good for a laugh and had skill in the feild of art. A favorite, still, is the dancing tom one, cant get enough of that. And the LOTR skit was awesome aswell.

Keep up the good work SS, work like this.....

xtil responds:

thank yaz


In all the movies ever made based on as a tribute to Slipknot, this one is the best.

Though your animation was slightly less then Great,it was much better than 90% of most things submitted. Still was able to show a good message.

A fan of Slipknots msic for several years now, I for some reaso didnt care for that song as much as i did for others. Yet,still able to be enjoyed.

What you did hear was finally make a flash that could not possibly be insulted for having a Slipknot theme, and if still insulted, would be out of pure arrogance.

Congrats to you.


23450 responds:

Well, im happy you liked it. I will have to work on my art more in the days to come.

ah yes...an awaited movie indeed

this here flash has been a hot topic for the past few months, and with the massive group of people (some of which i know greatly) it shown like a bright star.

I, myself a NG user since summer of 02, see this movie as a rememberance of all the good tiles of had on NG and the internet itself, for if it werent for NG...i would not be the internet addict like i am today

looking at all those shorts really touched me and the music went well with the theme,...i also have memories with that song in it. So many great shorts with such great diversity.

But the part that i truly laved which made this movie for me was the Author listing and the detail that went into having this group come together and then having their moment to shine.

this is truly to be an NG classic, theres no way.....just no way you can dislike this movie.

NG user,

i take it you dont like republicans or govermet?

but non-theless

this was an amazing piece of work, the graohuics were amazing and the audio went smoothly with the animation

i take "glarg" was a symbol for bush or america for that matter....and you compared it too a nazi regime that turned into a war hungry tyrant.

i still dont quite get who the Beetle represented or why he was compared to the Kennedy assassination?

but still...this if front page material and i liked it alot.

Keep up the good work

that was hilarious...^_^

but please dear SS

im lacking much info...ive heard the rumors...ive read the posts on the BBS

but i need an explanation from you....

.....what exactly happened between the SS and Anti-Neopet???

great movie non-theless.....you owned him for whatever he did

This was absolutely phenomanal

as i was on yesterday , right in the center of the madness of Clock day...i happen to click on your movie....and the awe and shock of a movie of such high quality submitted during the events taking place was undescribable

this movie graphic skills were amazing....very few movies on NG carry an artistic style like this and do it so well

I hope to see a series out of this for far too many end up to be one hit wonders
congrats on the award and good luck


i was humming with it ^_^

and nice soad song...not used often

and then the must needed tricky the clown...first one all day

nj and..


And your is too...YAY SAVE POINTS

YAY FOR CLOCK DAY...god i love this country

And I will walk 500 miles, and i will walk 500 more,Adolf Builds a bonfire, Rico plays with it. Remember to eat your cherry pie with Joe in the back of your Geo Metro.

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