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This game is great!

I just paid off my last mortgage for my house, filled a tank of gas for my car and got a brand new iPod!

Thanks Stampers Quest for Fags!

Kevin responds:

Woah rly?

I saw your other submission yesterday...

...so ive decided to give you a few hints.

You corrected the accuracy and sound problem, which is good. Except now its too accurate, which makes it too easy. So easy, that I dont even have to look at the screen to beat the game even. What you might want to do is mix both of your games together, so that the longer you hold down on the fire button, the less accurate it gets.

Your enemies and effects are very good, you might want to add a few different enemies and obstacles as to make it a bit more challenging.

Levels, theyre always nice. And after each level you might want to allow the capability to buy power ups. You know, better weapons, bunkers and barracades.

Just a few hints to maxamize the effeciency of your game.
Youve got the basics down, and youve got them down well, now all you have to do is make it unique to all the others.

ShrimpLock responds:

Thanks for the ideas, and so far I'm planning out my new enemies and weapons an health stuff.

The only problem is that I'm not that great at AS (I got help from flashkit), so the drawing isn't a problem, its what I want the things to do.

You had me worried there for a moment...

...Silly Scottmale and your comtemplations about going out side.

But you made the right choice in the end.

I was beginning to wonder where you went...

Amazing. I was starting to crave for another one of your bames.

The game play was fast and intense while the music had a good and exciting flow that went went well with it.

Really explosive, i hope to see more soon.

fucking kill ....

no joke....this had me goin for a while and still are....this game will be front page for fact...duh...but still

controls were easy to use yet powerful non the less

interactiviy and broadness of the game was great

the conceptiopn of the story was genius and the different types of kids were cool
the music gave it a childish aura which went perfect...if there needed to be another sequal...this game was the perfect choice

great job

nice job faille......

nice job at finding those audio clips...*advice*....find some of every family member...and 2 rate character,and 3....and 4, and so on...your Family Guy soundboards are good too.....keep it up

faillekid responds:

ty! i will this is kind of a demo


did you ever play an old PS1 game called "Striker 1948".......its exactly... exactly like it....except your animation is better....than a PS1 game, that has to show somthing. The game play in this was phenomlnal....weapon variety was exceptional, and story "line out" was great too. Amazing game and thats all to there is to it.

Go0gley responds:

Nope, never heard of it. Kinda sounds like a rip from Raiden though... anyway, thanks for reviewing!

that was amazing...front page for sure

so many different combos and attacks....the detailed work and ingenuity of this game reaches that or console fighting games.
all in all this is exceptional and cant wait till the others come out.

Minion 777

it was ok....

pretty funny tou got turd of the week...and ur on the front page....and its like the most watchd, non-crappy, crappy, turd of the week....and i must emphesize the words "crappy" and "turd" for clarity

hey man, i just want to let you know that.....

this is the place i go, best info on NG.....whenever i have a question i go to this....and its always here.....i thankyou alot for this submission, for without it, things would be alot harder, and you deserve some recognition for that.

Minion 777

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